Goldman Sachs Party Ban: No Gatherings of 12 or More

Starting tomorrow, Goldman Sachs employees aren’t allowed to gather in groups of 12 or more outside the office.

Lloyd Blankfein
AP |
Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman , if you recall, canceled its holiday party for a second year in a row — banker soirees being seen as somewhat bad form at time when it seems everybody else is standing in the unemployment line.

But, those crafty bankers found a way around the party prohibition: They started organizing small "dinners," often paid for by executives.

Determined to uphold its image of doing “God’s work,” as Lloyd Blankfein puts it, Goldman cracked the Christmas whip, sending a voicemail to employees a few weeks ago, instructing them to have no more private parties.

The ban, in place for the month of December, prohibits employees from gathering in groups of 12 or more, Business Insider reports.

So, 10 lords a leaping, nine ladies dancing=totally OK. But if you see 12 bankers — they'd better be banking!

No word on what the punishment is for excessive festiveness.

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