The Super Bowl’s True Marketing Star: Archie Manning

It’s hard to be more marketable than Peyton Manning, but by playing for both teams, his father Archie might have him beat this Super Bowl.

Archie Manning
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Archie Manning

The 60-year-old Manning is not only marketable as the father of Peyton –- as he has proven in ads for ESPN and DirecTV –- but he’s also strongly identified with the Colts’ opponent, the New Orleans Saints, who Archie played with for 10 seasons.

“For a clever marketer, Archie could be a big win,”said Ben Sturner, president of Leverage Agency, a sports marketing firm. “I could see him doing three or four last minute deals here. It depends on how nimble the marketers are.”

Others think the elder Manning will earn more money in speeches.

“There are plenty of companies that have their hospitality at the Super Bowl almost completed,” said Patrick McGee, president of ProVentures, a sports and entertainment marketing company. “Archie is the perfect guy to top things off. He’s great for that one-hour pre-game talk, telling people what to look for with Peyton and what the game would mean to New Orleans.”

McGee said he thinks Manning can do as many as five speeches for corporate America in Miami, garnering up to $20,000 a piece. “He also might be willing to drop the price to work with companies that he has never worked for before, with the idea that what he does might take things to the next level.”

Alan Zucker, who represents both Peyton and Archie, did not return a call seeking comment.

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