Investors Should Bet on Global Tech: Financial Advisor

Global technology may be a great story right now for investors, said Geri Pell, senior financial advisor at Geri Pell & Associates. She shared her insights on the sector.

“It’s a multi-layered story: we have to talk about the millions and millions of people who don’t have PCs or cell phones yet in emerging markets and all around the world,” Pell told CNBC.

“And layer on top of that, all the people whose computers are getting old, and there’s only so long that you can not upgrade before productivity goes down, particularly in companies.”

Additionally, Pell said there has been a convergence of computing, storage and networking.

“That’s been freeing up some cash, which leads to a lot of acquisitions and leads to a lot of efficiency in companies,” she said. “There’s been a lot of consolidation in the industry and free cash to now go out and expand.”

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