Toy Fair—Among Ones in 2010: Stinker, Dog Tweets

The American International Toy Fair, the industry's main trade show, kicks off Sunday in New York. Here are some noteworthy toys to watch for.

Zhu Zhu Hampsters
Source: Toys R Us
Zhu Zhu Hampsters

ZHU ZHU PETS. Last year's runaway hit from Cepia is back, and they're not just hamsters. Zhu Zhu Pets Wild Bunch will feature different animals including a skunk named Stinker and a rabbit named Sweetie. Zhu Zhu Pets Rock Stars will have mohawk-like longer hair. Four of each will be available in late summer or early fall. Under $10.

DANCE STAR MICKEY. Mattel's plush Mickey Mouse walks, talks and dances. $69.99.

RADICA PUPPY TWEETS ACCESSORY. Mattel's offering for adults attaches to a collar, monitors a dog's activity and sends tweets to Twitter about what the dog might be up to. $29.99.

STAR WARS AT-AT: Hasbro's Star Wars All Terrain Armored Transport is a replica of a vehicle from "The Empire Strikes Back." It holds up to 20 "Star Wars" figures and includes an action figure and pop-out speeder bike. $99.99.

TREAT MAKERS. New offerings in food this year include Hasbro's Easy Bake Deluxe Delights, which makes cake and cookies, for $29.99; Spin Master's Dairy Queen Blizzard maker for $29.99; and Jakks Pacific's new Girl Gourmet Chill Treats, which makes frozen yogurt, retailing for $24.99.

Some other technology-infused toys planned for 2010:

—Mattel is offering Sing-a-majigs, plush characters whose mouths move as they sing and who harmonize when activated together; available for $12.99 each; and a World Wrestling Entertainment Belt that contains a screen with animated light shows for $39.99.

—Hasbro developed Scrabble Flash Cubes. The word game uses cubes that each display one letter digitally. When players fit cubes together, the game can recognize whether they form valid words. And it can keep score.

—Hasbro also expands its Furreal Friends line with smaller Snuggimals that wag their tails and move when you pet them, retailing for about $7.99.

Jakks Pacific is offering some high-tech spying gear for kids in its Spy Net line, including a video spy watch for $54.99 and a Pen Audio Bug for $24.99. Yes, they're just what they sound like -- miniature video and audio recorders.

Wowwee has developed a line of guitars and drum sets that are only about 1 inch thick called Paper Jamz. They're also $24.99.