Cramer: What Is Driving Tuesday's Market?

On Tuesday, during High Noon, Cramer told viewers the bullish stars seem to have aligned during the opening hours of the market with a number of stocks rallying.

Here’s a rundown:

Red Lobster and Olive Garden, the flagship properties of Darden Restaurants , both showed phenomenal growth in the company’s earnings report this morning. Cramer said he would take those two far-ranging restaurant indicators over Federal Reserve data because people tend to eat out when they are feeling positive about the economy.

The savviest of real estate investment trusts, Simon Property Group , launched a $10 billion takeover bid of the mall operator General Growth.

This huge amount of money, Cramer said, is very telling because “we thought real estate was going to be dead in 2010, it’s red hot.”

Mitsui paid $1.4 billion to AnadarkoPetroleum for a chance to drill for natural gas on just a third of that oil and gas giant’s Marcellus Shale holdings. Cramer spoke to Anadarko’s Chairman, President and CEO Jim Hackett. Watch the full interview here.

Lastly, President Obama awarded loan guarantees to Southern Co.for two new nuclear power plants that will likely take a decade to build. Cramer “wondered” if this meant Mitsui would export the Pennsylvania natural gas to another country while the U.S. continues to import billions and billions of dollars of oil from the Middle East. That export imperative, he thinks, would surely happen if Obama continued to support all forms of energy including so-called clean coal and does not press for natural-gas expansion.

Plenty of traders believe that oil and gold are more important to the nation’s economic future than the cold, hard facts just described, Cramer said. So, would all this good news have been obscured, he asked, if these two commodities were down instead of soaring?

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