Times have changed, the rules have changed, but financial security is still the goal. Do you know how to get there? Suze Orman's bestselling Action Plan New Rules for New Times fully revised and updated for 2012 and beyond will show you the way.

About the Book

There is a new reality out there—a new normal. What was once certain—that you would be able to retire comfortably; that you would pay for your kids' education; that your home would appreciate in value—is no longer a sure thing. So much has changed on the financial landscape that it's hard to know which moves are the right ones to make. Suze Orman's million-copy, bestselling financial Action Plan is now revised and updated.

New times call for new rules—and this is what Suze Orman's Action Plan delivers:

  • Up-to-date information on new legislation that could affect how you will achieve your financial goals
  • An explanation of new FICO practices and a new strategy for dealing with credit card debt
  • Sound advice about retirement investing, how to rebuild your retirement plan, and what to do if you're already retired
  • Guidance on how to live within your means and strategies to keep you on the path to achieving your goals in this new age of financial honesty

Plus an all-new chapter on kids and money—how to give your kids a solid financial education, no matter their age!

Where to Find the Book