Bear Market May Continue For 5-6 Years: Spiropoulos

Stocks wavered on Wednesday after an unexpected drop in the ADP jobs report. How should investors position their portfolios? Bill Spiropoulos, CEO of CoreStates Capital Advisors, and Dennis Wassung, portfolio manager at Cabot Money Management, shared their insights.

“We continue to climb the wall of worry," Spiropoulos told CNBC.

"No one believes this thing. And all the negative tales about how the world is going to end next month? They’re wrong."

Spiropoulos said although we are in a long-term secular bear market, the Dow at 11,000 to 12,000 is in order this year.

“When I say secular bear market, we’re talking about a sideways trend,” he explained. “Once we return to normalcy, which we are doing, the core rate of inflation is going up and you see these negative returns in the bond market are going to eat people up,” he said.

“But it's not going to be the end of the world and the bear market can go on for 5 to 6 years,” he said.

Macro Looking Up — Watch Energy

In the meantime, Wassung said he sees improvements in the macroeconomic economy.

“You still have the capital flows into the fixed income funds much more than in equity markets—there’s still $3 trillion in money market funds,” he said. “And as that capital comes back into the equity markets, that can provide the fuel and can move the market higher.”

Wassung said he is looking for market sectors that are driving growth and opportunity, such as the energy space.

“You’ve got more of a contrarian viewpoint on the natural-gas related stocks,” he said. “You’ve got an interesting entry point in these natural gas related stocks when you’re looking at a $4 natural gas price, so I point to Southwestern Energy .”

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