UK Conservative Leader Has the X-Factor: Cowell

Simon Cowell, the man who made millions from being the front man of American Idol and the X-Factor, has intervened in the UK election race just 24 hours before Britain goes to the polls.


And Cowell is backing Conservatives leader David Cameron for the top job in an interview with the Rupert Murdoch owned Sun newspaper.

The Sun has thrown its weight behind Cameron, switching from supporting Gordon Brown's Labour party last year in September, and Cowell agrees with the UK's most read newspaper.

“I trust him,” said the music and TV mogul about Cameron. The Conservative party leader “has the substance and the stomach to navigate the UK through difficult times," according to Cowell.

Cowell uses his interview to hit out against red tape and the fact that it takes twice as long in the UK as it does in the US to start your own business.

He points out that in 1998 (one year after Labour took power) the UK was ranked 4th in the world for the least burdensome regulation and that it now ranks number 84.

He also wants the next government to get to work on cutting Britain’s burdensome debt right away.

Cowell says UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a sincere man whom he respects; but he worries that after 13 years in power Brown is running out of energy and questions how much “energy he can devote to the huge task ahead of him”

The American Idol front man is not sure about the policies of third party candidate Nick Clegg and believes a hung parliament would be the worst possible outcome on Friday morning.

The man whose devastating analysis of wannabes on his shows can bring a 12 year old dog trainer to tears says a hung parliament would lead to “months of stupid arguments and then a dull compromise, which means nothing ever gets achieved."

Cowell goes on to say the American Dream is a reality (have you looked at Capitol Hill recently, Simon?) and believes a British Dream is something the UK should be aspiring to.

“I see this moment as a fantastic opportunity to restore this, because I believe Britain has talent,” he said.