This Week's Russell Index Rebalancing: What to Watch For

The Russell index is set to rebalance its indices on Friday, which could cause some major market moves. What kind of shakeups should investors expect to see? Robert Gasser, chief executive of Investment Technology Group (ITG) shared his insights.

“It’s a big year because there’s a big addition for Berkshire HathawayClass B —$5 billion,” Gasser told CNBC.

The Russell’s annual reconstitution is scheduled to take place after the market close on Friday, June 25.

“There are also country rule changes—so we’re adding Tyco , Ace and Ingersoll-Rand —and those are big numbers too,” said Gasser.

Meanwhile, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are leaving the index.

“There is a larger-cap profile compared to previous years,” said Gasser.

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