How Execs Can "JUMP' Into The Right Frame of Mind

Yep, that's me at 18 full of promise and getting ready to graduate. This summer,

Gloria McDonough-Taub

I’m supposed to attend another one of those mile-marker high school reunions.

The good news is – I’ve been out of school so long I don’t have to deal with all that reunion angst you normally go through when it’s only been a decade or two.

I’ve recently reconnected with a couple of high school friends and it's been great fun strolling down memory lane and seeing how we've all 'grown up.'

One former classmate Robert (Bob to those of us who knew him when) Tipton has just authored the book, JUMP! – Get Unstuck, Extraordinary Life Breakthroughs Through Innovative Change.

In 'JUMP', Tipton offers up a combination of spiritual practice, science, philosophy and some tried and true leadership models to better arm executives with the new tools they need to thrive in today’s financial climate.

Jump by Robert Tipton
Jump by Robert Tipton

One of the most important points to take away from JUMP!’s is that movement, any movement, is necessary to get the energy of the organization moving.

However, the more challenging the economic situation, the more “stuck” an organization tends to be.

Borrowing a quote from Newton’s first law of motion (an object at rest tends to stay at rest), the organization finds itself mired in its status quo quagmire, and doesn’t want to move. However, as Tipton asserts, ‘The greatest failure related to change is NOT choosing the wrong path forward, it’s choosing NO path forward.’”

'JUMP' is based on what Bob has been teaching and sharing for the past two decades as a consultant.

“JUMP,” he says, “Isn’t about ‘causing the result.’ It’s about ensuring that the right elements in the environment – attitude, energy, focus, etc. – are present so that the outcome is ensured.”

I won’t be at this summer's reunion – but I wish my old classmate (I won’t say how old) the best of luck with his book.

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