Tim Tebow Gets Chance To Take On Michael Jordan

Tim Tebow Signs Endoresement Deal With Jockey

New Jockey Line is Called "Staycool"

Tim Tebow
Source: jockey.com
Tim Tebow

Today, Jockey announced it has signed Tim Tebow to a multi-year endorsement deal to endorse its line of products, including what it calls its new “Staycool” collection, which will hit stores in the spring of next year.

It’s the brand’s biggest sports endorser since the company signed Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jim Palmer to start posing in briefs exactly 30 years ago.

Since Michael Jordan has been endorsing competitor Hanes for at least 20 years, we decided to have some fun.

Assuming all things equal, who is the better endorser for a product in this category?

So we asked the folks at E-Poll Market Researchto pull together its data on the opinions of both Jordan and Tebow taken from surveys over the last four months.

Here’s the head-to-head results, which might surprise you given that Tebow hasn’t played a single professional down and is a longshot to be the chief signal caller for his team, the Denver Broncos.

Awareness: Jordan (78%), Tebow (24%)
Trendsetter: Jordan (21%), Tebow (10%)
Stylish: Jordan (19%), Tebow (10%)
Influential: Jordan (35%), Tebow (28%)
Overexposed: Tebow (23%), Jordan (9%)
Compassionate: Tebow (27%), Jordan (7%)
Down To Earth: Tebow (31%), Jordan (11%)
Trustworthy: Tebow (28%), Jordan (8%)
Sincere: Tebow (32%), Jordan (9%)

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