Intel's Young Techonomists: An Interview with Bill Joy


If there was consensus about one thing at "Techonomy,"it's that education, and fostering the next generation of "techonomists" is crucial.

At the conference Intel introduced the current generation and the next one, bringing 10 students and their science projects to the conference and connecting them with top innovators.

The students presented their research projects on everything from energy to aerospace on a long hallway leading into the meeting rooms.

The highlight for the 10 students who won Intel's competition was connecting them with the ultimate heavy hitters, including Bill Gates and Bill Joy.

We were able to record one of those meetings between Erika Benedictis and Bill Joy where she got a chance to interview him about renewable energy.

Intel is working to foster young engineers, scientists, and engineers, with ISEF - the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a forum for more than 1,600 high school students from over 50 countries 10 Students.


The Techonomy organizers get credit with introducing Intel with the "100 People Organization" — — which aims to inspire the next generation in a global classroom.

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