Basel, Basel, Basel: Say It Three Times

The US Blandly Likes Basel, But Loves Community Banks Even More. (Conglomerate) The US probably won't make its community banks live up to the complex rules of Basel III, just like it let them skip the complexity of Basel II. From the US perspective, these rules should only apply to large and internationally active banks.


Breaking Down Basel III (Economic Policy Journal) Rob Wenzel points out that the counter-cyclical buffer could have the truly perverse effect of forcing the Fed to have an even looser monetary policy.

The Meaning of Basel: Cohen, Spillenkothen, Stiglitz Speak Out (Business Week) Comments from Joseph E. Stiglitz, Simon Johnson, Paul Miller, Rodgin Cohen and Richard Spillenkothen.

Basel III Arrives (Felix Salmon) Argues that banks which embrace the new standards and are proud of exceeding them will ultimately be more successful than those which try to get around them