Recovery Has Yet to Reach 'Take-Off' Speed

Most Americans believe the United States is still in a recession according to a recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. That in spite of a report saying the recession ended in June, 2009.

Squawk Box viewers are mirroring that sentiment in sharing their own recovery stories.

That's no surprise to Lawrence Lindsey, president and CEO of Lindsey Group, who says the country is definitely in a recovery, but we haven't reached "take-off speed" yet.

But that could change dramatically if the Bush tax cuts aren't extended, he said, noting that unemployment could climb to 12 percent under that scenario.

"When you look back at when the tax cuts were brought in, the second round, the '03 round, which was most of the high end, and the capital gains and the dividends actually created bigger bang for the buck and that's because it was targeted at equity markets and ... created a wealth effect."

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