An Under-the-Radar Tech Trade

PerkinElmer may be one of the best companies you’ve never heard of, Cramer said Thursday.

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PerkinElmer sells into both the health care and environmental-health industries. The company makes everything from medical-imaging equipment to the technologies used to ensure that consumer products and food are safe for human use and consumption. Sure, the end markets are different, but the technology at the heart of both is not.

PKI delivered better-than-expected earnings back on Aug. 5, with revenues beatings consensus estimates as well. The company raised its full-year guidance for 2010 as well. All that and the stock is cheap, trading at 13.8 times earnings with a 13.4% long-term growth rate.

Of course, Cramer always advocates doing homework on a stock before buying it. So you can’t buy PerkinElmer without knowing more. And what better way than talking to the CEO himself, Robert Friel. Watch the video for the full interview.

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