Surveys Show a Strong Link Between Gender Diversity and Financial Performance

According to recent surveys, including one by McKinsey & Company, called: Women Matter, there is a strong correlation between a company's financial performance and having a diverse top management team.

Take Richard Davis of US Bancorp. He has done "a fabulous job of bringing his company through this financial storm. He has two woman on his board, but he also has a very diverse senior team in place," Janice Ellig, CEO of Chadick Ellig, told CNBC's "The Strategy Session" on Tuesday.

"It's not just in the boardroom, it's at the C-Suite too [a corporation's most influential senior executives]. Those are the people making the decisions," Ellig said.

As a shareholder, you want to vote for a board that has "the right kind of competencies for a Citibank board or a JP Morgan board. And are the board members on that board severing on too many boards?," she said.

In regard to Hewlett Packard's possible announcement of a new CEOthis week—or any other company choosing a CEO—"you should not replace the CEO so quickly, you should be sure you are putting the right person in there, Ellig said, adding, "the turnover of CEO's is often times because they put someone in too quickly."