For GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky, This is the Paris Two Step

GM Headquarters
GM Headquarters

He wants to talk about GM remaking itself with an emphasis on new models, fixing its Opel division in Europe and growing the Chevy brand worldwide.

But reporters want to ask him about GM's initial public offering this fall, an upcoming event he can not comment on due to SEC rules. So he says no comment. This is the dance these days as GM tries again and again to shift the focus of media questions to its products, not its bottom line.

Girsky, or new CEO Dan Akerson, or any other GM executive can try to focus on cars, but in the near term most journalists want to focus on whether this IPO will end up being successful? Will the stock price and demand meet expectations? How quickly will Uncle Sam unwind its position? These are just a few of the questions everyone is asking ahead of the IPO.

Sure, as GM stripped out, sold, or killed many of its brands, reporters have focused on whether GM with just Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, and Buick can thrive. So far sales have held up. But when demand for new cars and trucks picks up, will GM be in position to win? Girsky says yes. Just ask him. It's one of the things he'll happily talk about at a time when so many reporters would rather ask a different set of questions.


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