Top 10 Things to Do on 10-10-10

Do you know what this Sunday is? It’s 10-10-10. So what better way to acknowledge this historic day than with a Top 10 list of things to do on 10-10-10!

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10. Kiss your iPhone. 10-10-10 is a binary number (all ones and zeroes) and without binary code, none of your digital dreams would come true. Have you hugged your computer today? C’mere iPhone … MWA!

Agency Net has dubbed 10-10-10 “Digital Day,”a day for you to share your pre-digital, “Back in my day” stories via blog post, tweet, photo or YouTube video . Kids today! They’re so spoiled.

8. Learn to count to 1,023. If you really want to geek out, check out Wired’s list of fun things to on 10-10-10, which include not just learning binary code, but learning to count to 1,023 on your hands — in binary code.

7. Or, just buy a geeky T-shirt. Yeah, that last one hurt my head, too. Let’s just buy this shirt from ThinkGeek: “There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary and those who don’t” — and pretend we’re totally in on the joke.

6. Get married. If you tie the knot on 10-10-10, that’ll knock one battle off your “Future Fights” list — because you’ll always remember your anniversary.

5. Throw a global warming party. The site www.350.orgis urging people to attend or throw environmental-awareness parties on 10-10-10. If green felt old and busted before, doing it on 10-10-10 gives it a fresh spin.

4. Submit a Top 10 List to Letterman. Dude, you’re so much funnier than those lists! It’s about time you were recognized for your comedic abilities.

3. Bake a digital cake. Form any digital message with this cake mold. Because it says, Aren't I clever, but also good in the kitchen?!

2. Throw out 10 things. Seriously, what are you waiting for — to wind up on one of those clutter shows where they have to intervene before you’re buried alive? Say it with me, "I will NOT need this someday ..." Ah, ah, ah! Say it with me ...

1. Make a list of 10 things to do — and do ONE. Lists are helpful but they can also be overwhelming if they’re too long. Make your list, but just do one. Spend the rest of the day doing a victory lap.

Have a better idea for 10-10-10? Oh, yeah you do. Email or drop a line in the comment box below.

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