Marriage Is Exhausting—Just Ask Him

Wedding Assortment
Wedding Assortment

Wanna get married?

Be careful what you wish for (Kidding, hon!).

Centrum, a vitamin company of Pfizer , commissioned a study on the top causes of fatigue among men and women.

Coming in at number one—no surprise—is having a busy schedule, followed by the demands of one's job, lack of exercise, poor eating, and raising kids (kids are in fifth? FIFTH?).

Coming in sixth was "relationship with spouse."

Eighteen percent of women cited this as a major cause of fatigue, while compared to 20 percent of men.

Marriage is more tiring for men than women!

When asked what would "enhance romance in your life with your spouse," both sexes heavily favored romantic getaways, trying new leisure activities, going on more dates.

Physical affection came in fourth, with 64 percent of men saying it would help, compared to 59 percent of women. The other 41 percent of women are probably so fatigued by their marriage/job/kids they don't have the energy.

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