As Crisis Continues, Lawyers Specializing in Foreclosure Get the Spotlight


Dollar Continues Fall (New York Times) With emerging market countries pushing down the value of their currencies to drive exports, talk of a currency war accelerates. (As U.S. complains of a low yuan, others grumble about a declining dollar.)

Ahead of G-20, Geithner discusses economic 'rebalancing' (Wall Street Journal)In a recent interview with the WSJ, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner discussed the hot button issues on his agenda for South Korea: currency rates, making the world less reliant on the U.S. consumer — and delivering reassurance that dollar devaluation is not the U.S.'s default policy for managing recession.

AT&T Meets Estimates( reports 55 cents a share on revenue of $31.2 billion; CEO cites a "terrific mobile broadband" quarter.

Caterpillar Beats the Street( component Cat reports a third-quarter profit of $792 million, or $1.22 a share, almost double the profit from the third quarter of 2009. Company cites emerging market growth.

China's growth slows to single digits (Financial Times)The Chinese economy grew at 9.6% in the third quarter of 2010, down from 10.3% and 11.9% growth in the second and first quarters of this year, respectively. The decrease in growth is in keeping with China's stated economic policy to control inflation.

As crisis continues, lawyers specializing in foreclosure get the spotlight (Wall Street Journal) With increased scrutiny of the paperwork and process surrounding home foreclosure, a legal specialty matures — and gets attention.

Nokia way above expectations(Wall Street Journal)Shares of Nokia up sharply after earnings handily beat estimates.

Bob Guccione Dead at 79 (NYPost) Bob Guccione — the Publisher of Penthouse Magazine and a porn pioneer — died of cancer yesterday in Texas after a long battle with lung cancer.

Goldman considers Buffet payback (Wall Street Journal) Buffet's support was critical — but the vig is steep: "The payout is equivalent to more than $1.3 million a day—or $15 a second."