Jobless Rates in Most States Show Little or No Improvement

Unemployment in most states either stayed the same or improved slightly in September after worsening August, according to the US Labor Department.

Job Losses
Job Losses

Twenty-three states and Washington, D.C. reported unemployment fell in September, while 11 states registered increases and 16 states remained unchanged, the department said.

The August reportreleased a month ago was worse; with 27 states showing increases in unemployment, 13 states with decreases and 10 states and Washington had no change.

Unemployment in Nevada during September remained at a record 14.4 percent. The state has the highest unemployment rate in the country for the fifth straight month. Michigan, the previous leader, remained No. 2. (Nevada also leads the nation in home foreclosures.)

According to the Nevada Department of Employment, Training & Rehabilitation, the state lost the most jobs in the leisure and hospitality and construction sectors.

Michigan’s rate went down slightly to 13 percent in September from 13.1 percent in the previous month, the lowest it has been since March. Just a year ago unemployment in the state was at 14.4 percent.

California was third with a 12.4 percent jobless rate, followed by Florida (11.9 percent), Rhode Island (11.5 percent), and South Carolina (11.0 percent). (See the states with the highest unemployment rates in our slideshow.) Once again, North Dakota had the lowest rate in the country at 3.7 percent.

The national jobless rate in September remained unchanged at 9.6 percent.