The Funny Thing About Too Many Friends

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I have a confession to make.

I'm anti-social.

Oh, I know, I look like a gregarious, outgoing person on TV (at least I hope I do), but that's only because I'm shouting at an inanimate object—a camera. I don't even make much eye contact with the cameraman.

It's all a lie.

My idea of a great weekend is to go nowhere, do nothing, see no one. I meet people all day long, so my social needs are met during work hours. After work I'd rather be alone with my family.

I'm so anti-social that I'm rethinking social networking. You'd think Facebook would be perfect for me--convenient, virtual, with easily avoidable two-way conversations (I don't like getting "busted" for being online by the chat feature...I don't like chat). At first, I loved Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is still a very good resource for me—I use it as a professional tool to promote stories on CNBC, connect with viewers, and stay up on news. I get a lot of leads on Twitter.

Facebook is for fun. The problem is, I friended too many people, including a lot of people I don't really know. In fact, some I don't know at all. I've grown quite fond of some of these strangers. Others...not so much.

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Facebook has also resurrected feelings I had in high school, when some friends write comments which embarrass me in front of the "cool people". Like when I make comments about Debra Winger's face on "In Treatment", and that I'd like to see Gabriel Byrne for therapy even though he's just an actor (yes, I do that on Facebook), there are friends who think I'm being serious.

However, I can't unfriend these friends. That's not nice.

Instead, I'm taking the cowardly way out. I'm starting a new Facebook account for friends and family only. Only some friends. Only some family. This is not the sort of loving, generous enterprise I'd like to pride myself in initiating, but I'm still keeping the old account. It's just that I'd like one place with fewer faces on Facebook.

I just hope the people I'm not friending this time don't find out.


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