What's On: Art Hogan's Stock of the Week, CEOs and China

Here's what's up on Friday's Squawk on the Street:

--It's five-CEO Friday. Five CEOs, five sectors, five earnings reports, five different takes on the American economy. On the list: BMC Software, Henry Schein, Jarden, Ingram Micro and Cigna.

--Art Hogan gives us his stock of the week, last week was Starwood, there were some ups and downs but the stock just reported good numbers, is Art sticking with it and should you make a reservation, or should you have reservations?

--Chevron's numbers are out, we have one of the top rated analysts covering the stock to tell us which way it's likely to go now.

--Is China killing Christmas? There are reports China is making it difficult for companies to get the materials needed for computer game consoles, X-Boxes, PlayStations and the Wii, and the other game makers could be impacted, but the big problem could show up in your house.

--And the Street Poll wants to know if you think the market goes higher from here? A scary October, turned out to not be so scary. Share your opinion and watch the show at 9am eastern, live from the New York Stock Exchange with Erin Burnett, Mark Haines and David Faber.