Does Bank of America Need Another Bail Out?

Equities Soar after QE2 (New York Times) The DJIA surged 1.96 percent to close at 11,434.84.


Dollar Down (Bloomberg) While stocks may be flying after the latest round of easing, the dollar dropped to its lowest levels of 2010.

Does Bank of America Need Another Bail Out? (Bloomberg) The stock is off 41% in less than four months and there is not sign the hemorrhaging will stop anytime soon. Is BofA an isolated case—or does it portend a similar future for other banks?

'Double Agents' in Asset Management? (QFinance) Do asset managers use their clients' capital to support positions held by the financial institutions that own them? The Financial Times Alphaville Blog first raised the issue earlier in the week.

Can the GOP kill Obama's Healthcare Legislation? ( If they can't, there is another option: Kill the funding.

Why it's great here. (Village Voice) Perhaps not relevant to financial services, strictly speaking -- but for those us who live in New York City, it just feels right.