The Rails: A Lot Greener Than Your Prius

“Renewable fuels aren’t going to dethrone fossil fuels any time soon,” Cramer told viewers during Tuesday’s “Mad Money.” “The truth is the world won’t pay up for clean energy right now.”

So if investors want to play so-called green stocks, they better forego the wind farms, solar panels and electric cars for straight up energy efficiency. Basically, anything that allows people to manage power and save money on sky-high energy costs.

Enter the rails, where one gallon of diesel gets you nearly 480 miles of travel. If just 10 percent of the national freight moved to rails from trucks, about 1 billion gallons of fuel would be saved and greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by 12 million tons.

“Put that in your Prius and smoke it,” Cramer said.

One of his favorite rails is CSX , a shareholder-friendly company with a solid CEO, Michael Ward. Watch the video for Cramer’s interview with Ward for more on this company, the rails, the persistence of coal and energy efficiency.

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