What's On: N. Korea, Manufacturing and Insider Trading

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--The world is waking up to a serious firefight as North Korea attacks South Korea in an artillery barrage. There is a global market impact, we're tracking both stories closely.

--President Obama is off to Kokomo, Indiana, this morning to talk about the future of manufacturing in the United States. We're following that and talking to the mayor of Athens, Ohio to find out if the rest of the country feels like it's catching up with Wall Street.

--Our Street Poll focuses on the insider trading case. Do you think "expert networks" are just another way to help Wall Street cheat? Share your opinion.

--On the stock front: Campbell Soup reports numbers this morning. We're talking soup.

--We'll watch General Motors shares closely this morning as it nears the one week mark since listing.

--Plus the airline sector: American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest, Alaska Air and Continental are all on today's flight plan.

Watch the big show starting at 9am ET.