With A New Book, Sarah Palin Hopes to Capture “America By Heart”

Sarah Palin kicks off a major publicity tour today for her new book "America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag."

Source: Amazon.com

Nearly ever political pundit thinks this is part of her battle plan for defeating the Democrats — especially President Obama — in the next election even though she hasn’t yet declared herself an official contender.

This new book and 13-state tour will take her through states that have early presidential caucuses such as Iowa and South Carolina — key states for building momentum for a presidential bid. She's strategically skipping the liberal bastions like New York and California.

The hockey mom/former Alaska governor/once vice-presidential running mate/mother to a reality star has managed to keep herself in the spotlight in recent months on the speakers circuit and as the star of her own reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

The TLC show launched earlier this month to huge viewership numbers. TV fans get to see her every week in the audience as she watches her daughter Bristol advance on "Dancing With the Stars." She's also a regular face on the Fox News Networkand has filmed an interview with ABC News that will air next month.

Palin’s book covers everything from her personal faith and values to her views on politics and her vision of what American can and should be.

This is Palin’s second book, her first, Going Rogue, sold two million copies.

A review copy of America By Heartwas not provided to Bullish but according to others who have seen it:

USA Today writes, “New Sarah Palin book goes on the attack…. Whether she ultimately runs for president or not, the new volume is a classic of the wannabe-presidential genre.”

Salon.com writes, Sarah Palin's new book, "America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag," is mostly a collection of Reaganisms and unspecific genuflections to freedom and the Constitution… She includes the Sixteenth Amendment in her description of unjustified federal power grabs.

CNN reports, The book attacks policies and legislation championed by Obama and congressional Democrats, such as the health care reform bill, energy reform proposals and the economic stimulus bill, while lamenting all things labeled liberal or progressive....It offers no detailed policies or proposals and instead provides the personal perspective of the GOP vice presidential candidate in 2008 on religion, patriotism, family and what ails America.

The National Review Onlinewrites, "It’s a good book that reflects exactly what people like about her — her passion for (as it happens) family, faith, and flag."

and on The Huffington Postthey write, "'America By Heart,' New Sarah Palin Book: What You Need To Know."

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