The Phonekerchief: Do It For Love

I've already launched my holiday gift guide, with everything from Balloon Boy Back Scratchers to the NObama Countdown Clock.

Here's a bonus round.


I'm waiting impatiently to see if Playmobil restocks Amazon with its airport Security Check Point toy.

Who wouldn't want to use this fun gift to help explain to junior why the nice man has to pat him down?

Unfortunately, it's not in stock at the moment, and I can no longer find it on the Playmobil site.



Meantime, Republicans have reason to celebrate this holiday!

The GOP wants to cut spending, and it also wants to make a killing selling T-shirtsthat say "I Fired Pelosi, Guess Who's Next?"

Buy before your tax cut expires!

But the gift idea which really caught my attention is the Phonekerchief.

It's a handerchief to wrap your phone in which says, "My Phone is Off For You". It even has metallic threads woven into the fabric to block incoming calls, so you won't accidentally be interrupted during dinner (though why not just turn off the phone?).


The Phonekerchief has been created by a group of product design consultants called The Way We See The World.

They will start selling it Thanksgiving day for $15 at Uncommon Goods.

"There has been a lot of interest from people wanting to buy this, so we are excited to finally be releasing it," says Ingrid Zweifel.

"The Phonekerchief is a polite way of encouraging others to turn off their phones and helps jump start new etiquette for our digital world."

Hear, hear! It reminds me of those wonderful new ads from Windows 7 where fathers, brides, doctors all obsessively look down at their phones during life's best events, while someone watches and asks, "Really?"

Really. I think I may buy a Phonekerchief for myself this holiday. I need to be reminded that life is about looking up, not down.

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