Mark Cuban on Netflix, Cord-Cutting and Entrepreneurs

Mark Cuban
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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is feeling good about the media landscape: I sat down with him in an exclusive interview at the UBS Media & Communications conference and he's optimistic about cable, bullish on Netflix, and eager to invest in the next generation of Internet entrepreneurs.

Cuban rolled his eyes when I asked him if he's worried about consumers cutting the cord — he's got a stake in that game with HD NET. Absolutely not, he says. He's a firm believer that cable TV, and high-def cable television is the best way to consume content. All those pipes are already built into consumers' homes — the quality is simply too high compared to the buffering that comes with Internet TV.

Doesn't Netflix pose a threat - stealing cable subscribers? Cuban says he's sure that Netflix will provide only incremental growth. Just last week DirecTV said it may stop carrying some less popular channels to help consumers slash costs: that he admitted could be a challenge for HD Net.


Cuban was also exceedingly bullish on entrepreneurship — he doesn't see any sort of bubble. In fact, with barriers to entry lower than ever, it's easier than ever for entrepreneurs to take a good idea to market. That means that billionaires like him can get away with investing as little as $65,000 for a good idea.

He's a fan of Mark Zuckerberg — his only advice was to be careful about hiring so many ex-Googlers .

And what about Groupon's CEO Andrew Mason and his decision to turn down a reported $6 billion offer from Google?Watch my whole interview with Cubanfor his thoughts on Groupon as well as how he thinks the Fed is screwing up quantitative easing.

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