Wear Flesh-Colored Underwear, UBS Tells Employees

Banking giant UBS launched a dress code for its retail client-facing employees in Switzerland, reminding them to button up.

Sharon Lorimer

In a 44 page document, guidelines on the employees’ dress code include flesh-colored underwear for female employees and tough restrictions on the color of men’s socks.

“The dress code only concerns a few client-facing employees who work with retail clients in some of UBS’ branches,” a UBS spokesman told CNBC.

Women can wear no more than seven pieces of jewelry, while men can only wear three, according to the new dress code. The shirt collar must be wide enough to pass a finger inside.

Female employees must make sure their skirts are at knee-length and their blouses and underwear are not too tight.

Women are reminded to use perfume in the morning (UBS adds it’s most effective when sprayed on right after showering) – but no different perfume should be experimented with during lunch break.

Speaking of the lunch break: employees are reminded to avoid strong-smelling food and smokers should try and keep the smell of tobacco at a minimum by brushing their teeth after having a cigarette.

Both men and women’s suits must be in dark colors (grey, navy blue or black), while the owners of the suits are asked to change them daily.