The Funny Business of Bodily Functions

The human species inches forward.

But some things never change.

For however long Man has walked the Earth, we have laughed at belching, defecating, and, more recently, ads for sanitary napkins.

Capitalizing on this lack of evolution can be a risky, though funny, business.

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Exhibit A: in Pakistan, they are marketing Butterfly sanitary napkins on billboards with the tagline, "WikiLeaks...Butterfly doesn't".

The ad agency behind the campaign, RG Blue Communications, says, "Nobody has said it's in bad taste yet!"

Exhibit B: a former writer for the children's program "Barney" is now selling an iPhone/iPad app which teaches kids the alphabet...through belching.

Stephen White told AOL News, "I like to entertain kids and I know what they like...They like animals and the slightly naughty aspect of body sounds."

Here's a demo of the new AlphaBELCH app. I like "'G' for 'Giraffe', it comes a loooong way."

Exhibit C: you want to sell a game to entertain boys and maybe help them improve their "aim" in the bathroom? Sega has developed something you have to see to believe. It's called "Toirettsu,"a gaming system which includes a urinal and a monitor to show how well one hits targets. Neatorama.comsays restaurants may buy the system if it will mean more, well, urine "in the urinal and less on the floor." And there's a financial incentive! "It is also possible for restaurants and retailers to include advertisements on the Toirettsu screen."

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