Place Your Bets on Soft Commodities: Expert

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Wet weather seems to be the bane for soft commodity growers lately. First there were unseasonable rains hitting the sugar and wheat crops in Australia.

Now Colombian coffee crops are under threat.

Above average rain in the world's second largest grower of Arabica beans is expected to continue well into 2011.

Those weather concerns are giving a major boost to coffee prices.

But it's not just a recent rise, coffee futures are up almost 60 percent this year.

And analysts expect the uptrend in commodity prices to continue.

(SOT) Mathew Kaleel, Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, H3 Global Advisors:

"We have exposure to all food and grain markets at the moment, and we believe they offer a very good risk reward opportunities. The downside is quite limited in that the supply constraints are genuine and the demand continues to grow and we see no reason for that to change."

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