Michael Vick Signs Autograph Deal With J.O. Sports

An emerging memorabilia firm has signed an exclusive autograph deal with Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Michael Vick
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Michael Vick

Terms weren’t disclosed, but Matt Almond, sales manager at the Las Vegas-based J.O. Sports Co., says the deal spans “well beyond” this year’s Super Bowl.

As part of the contract, the company, which recently opened a 4,000 square foot retail store about 10 minutes away from the strip, will be selling Vick’s autograph on helmets, jerseys and pictures as well as on game-worn items.

“How often does a company like ours get a chance to sign an exclusive with a guy who is leading in Pro Bowl voting and has a chance to win the MVP?” Almond said.

J.O. Sports Co. is selling Vick autographed 8-by-10 photos for $139, autographed mini helmets for $199, autographed NFL official footballs for $349, autographed Riddell pro helmets for $599 and autographed pro jerseys for $399.

The company had a private signing with Vick this past Friday and Almond predicts his game-worn items will sell immediately just as soon as they come in. The company’s hottest game-used jersey is Adrian Peterson, which instantly sells for $8,000 each after they appear on the company’s Web site.

J.O. Sports is the initials of the company’s owner Jarrod Oldridge, who started building the company seven years ago while working out of his house. He made a name for the company by signing 13 game-used jersey deals with NFL teams and selling them like no company has before: Completely unwashed.

Collectors want the jerseys like they saw them in the game,” Almond said. “They want blood, they want sweat, they literally want it right off the back of the player.

So how bad do the jerseys stink?

“Some times when you open the box it takes me back to my days of playing high school football,” Almond said. “We sometimes have to put it in many bags.”

This is Vick’s second deal he has signed this year. Earlier this year, he signed a deal with a car dealership, Woodbury Nissan in New Jersey.

Vick has thrown 20 touchdowns this season with only five interceptions. He has also rushed for eight touchdowns. The Eagles are currently 10-4 and lead the NFC East.

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