Smart Phone Hackers Boost 5 Internet Security Firms: Stock Picker

With the increase in advanced-tech smart phone devices, firms focusing on Internet security are going to be the big winners over the next decade, said Adam Holt, global head of software equity research at Morgan Stanley.

“With the proliferation of mobile devices, more applications are moving into hosts that are cloud-based environments, changing the way that people rely on networks and more volume moving through the enterprise from a data perspective,” Holt told CNBC.

As the cyber threat landscape becomes increasingly challenging and online criminals get more sophisticated, companies have been putting a lot of upward pressure on security spending over the last few years, said Holt.

"And that will continue to be the case going forward.”

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Holt has investment banking clients who own shares of MSFT, CHKP, VMW, FTNT and SYMC.

Morgan Stanley makes a market in the securities of MSFT, CHKP, VMW, FTNT and SYMC.