Bank of America Is the Next Target of a WikiLeaks Megaleak

Julian Assange
Fabrice Coffrini | AFP | Getty Images
Julian Assange

Bank of America is the target of the next "megaleak" from WikiLeaks, according to a person who has close contact with top people at Wikileaks.

Speculation has swirled around for months about which bank might be the target of WikiLeaks. Back in November, Andy Greenberg of Forbes magazine interviewed Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He was told that Wikileaks had tens of thousands of documents from a big US bank that it would release early this year. Assange refused to identify the bank.

Despite Assange's refusal to name the bank, the consensus has long held that Bank of America is the target. The initial guessing was supported by an interview Assange gave a year earlier, where he mentioned having a hard-drive that once belonged to a Bank of America executive.

Our source has confirmed that Bank of America is indeed the target of the next big leak. The source couldn't elaborate on the materials held by Assange.

Although Assange described the documents as depicting an "ecosystem of corruption" it is always possible that the documents will not reveal much that we do not already know. It's not as if many people believe that Bank of America is a shining example of ethical purity.


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