'Social Network,' 'Glee' Sweep Globes (as Expected)

The Golden Globes are taken far less seriously than the Oscars. They're voted on by only 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press, but they're also a lot more fun for attendees.

Mark Zuckerberg
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Mark Zuckerberg

There's food, there's booze, and afterwards, there are a slew of parties in the same hotel as the awards.

Sony's"The Social Network" was the big film winner of the night, taking best picture, director and screenplay.

The halls of the Beverly Hilton are buzzing that the film is well positioned to steal the Oscar for best picture.

There were a number of call outs to Mark Zuckerberg, including screenwriter Aaron Sorkin praising him for his philanthropy. (An apology?)

The rest of the winners were no surprise, particularly in the film categories. Paramount's "The Fighter" brought home the first movie award of the evening, best supporting actor to Christian Bale.

The Weinsteins showed they're making a comeback with Colin Firth winning best actor for '"King's Speech."

The best actress awards also came in right with the predictions. Natalie Portman won best actress for Fox's"Black Swan" and is a sure thing for the Oscar win.

Best supporting actress also went to "The Fighter" - Melissa Leo.

And best comedy or musical went to "The Kids are All Right" from Universal's Focus Features. It wasn't much of a comedy, and was the most serous contender of the nominees.

The TV awards demonstrated cable is king. Cable channels are where top talent goes and where risks are taken.

HBO was praised for its artistic focus by a number of big stars.

Even though HBO's "The Pacific," which cost a reported $200 million didn't win, they did bring home wins for "You Don't Know Jack" and "Temple Grandin," not to mention "Boardwalk Empire."

Ricky Gervais was just as wry, mean and off-color as anyone could have possibly expected. Most satisfying was his reference to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's shady reputation (for bribes etc.).

Here's a closer look at a lawsuit against the organization that hosts the Globes that refers to alleged shady dealings.

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