What You Won't See on the Longhorn Network

Texas Longhorns Mascot Bevo
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Texas Longhorns Mascot Bevo

ESPN is announcing today its partnership with the University of Texas to form the Longhorn Network.

In order to help the programming director, I teamed up with my followers on Twitter to come up with the most comprehensive ideas for shows.

Cedric Benson, the Entertainer: Former Texas running back Cedric Benson breaks down his most famous moves (from http://twitter.com/jfield1).

Bevo & Butthead: A cartoon show for kids and grown-ups featuring the iconic Butthead and the Longhorn’s mascot, Bevo (from http://twitter.com/seangui)

Wipeout: The 2010 Longhorns: Relive the most terrible moments from the awful 2010 losing season. Once you see this, everything looks better (from http://twitter.com/TWT_DavidB)

Vince Young & The Restless: Vince Young stars in the Longhorn Network’s only soap opera (from http://twitter.com/illini3sc)

The 2005 Heisman Ceremony, The Longhorn Version: This is the 2005 Heisman Ceremony using revisionist history. Here Vince Young wins, of course, instead of Reggie Bush (http://twitter.com/TheBillKenney)

The Real McCoy: Texas great Colt McCoy goes around to areas in Texas to surprise Texas boosters and spend the day with them (fromhttp://twitter.com/illini3)

Cow Tippin’ With Matthew McConaghey: We all know there’s plenty of cows in the state. Follow one of the Longhorns biggest fans as he tips cows with in the middle of the night. Special night vision cameras catch all the action (from http://www.twitter.com/xpressguru)

The Wonderlic Years Starring Vince Young: With not much to do in the NFL, Vince Young can spend plenty of time with the network. In this show, Young goes through the questions he got wrong on his draft Wonderlic test with a variety of tutors, including Fred Savage. In future episodes, laugh and cry at new questions posed to Young and his answers (from http://twitter.com/hankj25)

Around The Longhorn: ESPN’s Tony Reali, and host of “Around the Horn,” hosts the Longhorns version of the show with four columnists from the local papers (from http://twitter.com/#!/kj1974)

Steers Steer: Former Longhorn athletes try their hand at auto racing (from http://twitter.com/mattdaigle)

Ricky Williams’ Weekly Top 40 Reggae Countdown: Enjoy the best hits from the Longhorns ultimate Rastafarian, Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams (from twitter.com/BrettmcmurphY)

Hook ‘Em Horns: A weekly fishing show starring former Texas quarterback and current coach Major Applewhite as he takes alumni out fishing on the lazy Texas rivers (from http://twitter.com/derms115)

Leave It To Bevo: Texas mascot Bevo stars as a superhero helping to break up crime on the streets (from http://www.twitter.com/AsinForHer)

Who’s Eating Garrett Gilbert?: A journey through Austin cuisine with some of the greatest chefs. They cook, they drink and they talk about the Longhorns quarterback (from http://www.twitter.com/CrazyAggieIngo)

Extreme Makeover: Football Program Edition: Host Ty Pennington helps coach Mack Brown overall the entire football program from naming new starters to helping the kids look like the big men on campus again (from http://www.twitter.com/NUScout)

Texas Cheerleaders: Making The Team: Viewers will marvel at how tough it is to make this prestigious squad as 350 hopefuls get paired down to the final 15.

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