SAC Orders a Large Pizza


Significant Terror Attack in Moscow [Wall Street Journal] "A powerful suicide-bomb blast at Russia's busiest airport Monday killed at least 35 people just outside a high-security passenger-arrival zone, again raising questions about the government's ability to contain an Islamist insurgency rooted in the country's southern Caucasus region."

"How ‘Distressed’ Home Sales Are Fuzzing the Numbers" [CNBC] CNBC's Diana Olick teases through the home sales data: "After talking with Thomas Popik over at Campbell, I was struck by how much the sales volume in December was skewed by this surge in distressed sales. The normal seasonal pattern should have home sales flat between November and December, but that certainly wasn't the case, with sales up 12.3 percent seasonally adjusted and up nearly 14 percent not seasonally adjusted, according to the National Association of Realtors."

"Rising Commodity Prices Won't Cause Inflation" [CNBC] CNBC's Steve Liesman reports: "It’s not that inflation is not a significant worry. It’s that commodity prices are not enough to make it happen. "

SAC Orders A Large Pizza [] SAC Capital Advisors is buying to Domino's Pizza. Big Time.

Upgrade Your Data Package— You'll Thank Me [NY Post] Because, apparently, "E-wooed gals say yes to sex". The Post reports: "Nearly 40 percent of women say that social-networking media, such as text-messaging and Facebook, are causing them to jump into the sack faster with partners than they would have in the past, according to a poll by Men's Fitness and Shape magazines."

"Inside Citigroup's Strategy to Become Global Consumer Bank" [CNBC] CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports: "Citigroup is embarking on a multi-year, multi-billion dollar IT investment to integrate its consumer branches and products all over the world, Manuel Medina-Mora, the bank's executive in charge of consumer banking operations, told CNBC."

Judges Kick Rahm Emanuel off the Chicago Mayoral Ballot [WSJ] "A state appeals court said Rahm Emanuel is not allowed to stay on Chicago's mayoral ballot, a blow to the former White House chief of staff who has already raised more than $10 million in his bid for mayor."

"Tibetan monks to take over Museum of Natural History this week for meditation" [NY Post] If life gets too stressful you can take a cab to the West Side and chant with a monk: "Twelve Tibetan monks will lead meditation sessions at the Museum of Natural History this week under the Hall of Ocean life’s giant blue whale and under the stars in the planetarium. The enlightening exhibit - part of the museum’s ongoing show 'Brain: the inside story' - is intended to teach about Tibetan culture and highlight new research which shows the mental and physiological benefits of meditation."