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Quiz: QUIZ: Barbie and Ken

It's been nearly fifty years since Mattel introduced the Ken doll.

Even though Ken has remained in Barbie's shadow his entire existence, he has had a smile fixed firmly on his face. Of course, that's easy, when you're made of molded plastic.

For his anniversary, Mattel is putting Ken in the spotlight as he tries to win back Barbie. The two had called it quits in 2004, but have remained friends, according to Mattel's story line.

Expect to see plenty of Ken's attempts to woo Barbie back this year. After some flirting on Facebook, Ken's love for Barbie has been proclaimed on billboards and in ads in major newspapers. No doubt there will be fans cheering him on. Over the years, Barbie and Ken have remained one of the most iconic couples in pop culture.

How much do you know about this timeless romance and classic brand? Take our Barbie and Ken quiz and find out.

Posted 26 January 2011