Potential NYSE Merger Could Affect Other Exchanges

After appearing on "The Strategy Session" on Friday, Amy Butte, founder and CEO of TILE Financial and former CFO of the New York Stock Exchange, continued the discussion off-air with Gary Kaminsky, about how the advanced consolidation talks between NYSE Euronext and Deutsche Boerse could affect other exchanges.

"If we were back in the war room, back in the boardroom, what we'd be doing is looking at all the different players, we'd be looking at the market cap, we'd be looking at the potential synergies and we'd also be thinking about what are the regulators going to do," Butte said.

"From our standpoint, back then, we said, 'whose going to get to the largest market cap first,' so one, they can be the scale player and two, they can be the long-term acquirer," she said.

Butte explained why a potential NYSE Euronext , Deutsche Boerse merger could potentially force another exchange deal between CME and NASDAQ.

"In the case of this deal, it's really going to force the regulators to consider what is anti-trust, what is too much of the market, and do they really need to contemplate letting a CME and a NASDAQ or a CME and a NYSE come together," Butte added.

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