An Optimistic Steve Jobs Destroys His House

Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs—who is on medical leave of absence from Apple, and was recently photographed outside the Stanford Cancer Center—on Monday destroyed a Woodside, California mansion he bought in the 1980s.

Jobs has reportedly been trying to destroy the Spanish-style mansion for decades.

But the fact that he went ahead with the destruction despite his illness is a testament to the optimism and determination of the Apple CEO.

Jobs apparently figures that his plans to build his own dream-house on the property may still be realized. To put it starkly: Jobs apparently doesn’t think he is going to die any time soon.

That the man’s famous optimism is still intact will be a relief to investors in Apple.

In tech circles, you’ll sometimes hear people talking about the “Steve Jobs reality distortion field.” The idea is that Jobs is able to accomplish the impossible—reality seems to bend to his will at crucial moments.

The details of Jobs’s health are not well-known. In 2004, he took time off from Apple to recover from surgery to treat a very rare form of pancreatic cancer. In recent years, there has been a lot of speculation that his cancer has returned. If so, Jobs seems to be betting that his reality distortion field—or perhaps the medial geniuses at the Stanford Cancer Center—can conquer the cancer.

By the way, Gizmodo rented a plane and took a great video of the demolished house. Click here to check it out. You can see haunting photos of what the house looked like pre-demolition here.


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