What's On: Wal-Mart, Homebuilders and Wisconsin

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

--Wal-Mart reports quarterly numbers. We have an analyst who'll sit down with us to run us through the future for the stock.

--Also, the big name in housing numbers: Case-Shiller. Homebuilding stocks could pop or drop, and we'll take a look at Pulte, KB Homes, Toll Brothers and Lennar.

--We're also checking the charts on what we like to call "Technical Tuesday." See what the numbers and lines and graphs are telling the people who count on those stats and facts to make their investment decisions.

--And a special look at the big fight in Wisconsin over union benefits. We'll talk with a national expert on the American middle-class. We want to know if cutting union benefits or new taxes on the wealthy is a better way to deal with state budget shortfalls. Share your opinion, and watch the big show at 9am sharp.