Mark Zuckerberg, Comic Book Hero

First he got to sit at the right hand of the President last week.

Then a protestor in Egypt named his kid "Facebook."

What could possibly make Mark Zuckerberg's month any better?

His own comic book!


Bluewater Productions, famous for its "straight from the headlines"-style graphic novels on everyone from Sarah Palin to Lady Gaga, is releasing a comic bookabout the world's youngest self-made billionaire.

The timing is strategic, naturally. "The Social Network"is up for Best Picture this Sunday. Bluewater's take on the Zuckerberg saga covers a whopping 48-pages. It's called...wait for it..."Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook." They must have sweated hours brainstorming ideas for the title! The "giant-sized issue" hits stores Wednesday, though you could pre-order online.

Bluewater says the Zuckerberg comic book is authored by Jerome Maida, and the story "doesn't shy away from the harsh reputation Zuckerberg earned as a result of his business practices and aloof public persona, but tries to give context to a complex figure."

"I try my best to be fair here," says Maida in a press release. "No one is totally innocent in this story." That does not bode well for the Winklevi. Maida, your lawyer's on line one.

Bluewater says a production company called Hayden 5 Media has already optioned the comic book for an animated film. The movie "will apply an interpolated rotoscoping technique to give the project a unique comic book aesthetic," says Todd Wiseman of Hayden 5. "This cross between real characters and animated surrounding was used in the movie A Scanner Darkly." (It's also been used, for no apparent purpose, to make Charles Schwab ads annoying).

So what can we expect inside "Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook"? One synopsis says, "Learn how a young man's frustration with women helped spark an idea that would have him dating Victoria's Secret models and how a socially inept young man wound up creating a company that has revolutionized the way hundreds of millions of people all over the globe socialize with each other." (Quibble: same man, right? That sentence makes it sound like two different guys.)

Bottom line: throw in a little of Peter Parker's frustration, Clark Kent's ineptness, and Bruce Wayne's bazillions, and a comic book legend is born. I "Like" it!

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