A Look Inside Charlie Sheen's $100 Million Lawsuit

Charlie Sheen
Riccardo S. Savi | Getty Images
Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is following through on his threat to sue Warner Brothers and 'Two and a Half Men" creator and producer Chuck Lorre.

Today he filed the suitin Los Angeles Superior Court, and Sheen is demanding $100 million *plus* punitive damages.

How does he get to $100 million?

Sheen says he's looking to be paid for the balance of the season's 24 episodes—8 more shows. And he's not just looking for compensation for himself, he's "also pursuing claims for the benefit of the entire cast and crew to get paid for the balance of the season's 24 episodes." Warner Brothers would not comment but points out that none of the other cast and crew members are participating in this suit.

The filing itself is dramatic and over-the-top. Lawyer Martin Singer writes that defendant Chuck Lorre "believes himself to be so wealthy and powerful that he can unilaterally decide to take money away from the dedicated cast and crew... in order to serve his own ego and self interest, and make the star of the Series the scapegoat for Lorre's own conduct."

Singer goes into graphic detail when attacking Lorre, saying "After years of Lorre humiliating, harassing, and disparaging Mr. Sheen, and after unilaterally decided not to write scripts as required to complete the episodes... Warner Bros. capitulated to Lorre's egotistical desire to punish Mr. Sheen and to stop work on the Series for the rest of the season, and used its powerful public relations machine to create a myth to justify their conduct by wrongly blaming Mr. Sheen."

And of course the drama continues on Twitter. Here's what Sheen Tweeted earlier today: "@charliesheen: #Fastball; Torpedo away...You corporate Trolls were warned. And now you've been served!"

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