Like In Comedy, Timing Is Everything for Investors

"Just because you don't like a market, that doesn't mean it's the right move to sell it," Cramer said Thursday. "Selling into a sell-off has almost always been the wrong move."

Throughout his 31-year career, the "Mad Money" host had success in buying, not selling stocks in times of fear. Whether it was the 1987 stock market crash, the Sept. 11th attacks or the "flash crash," Cramer said panic selling is rarely a wise move.

Friday's rally proves that panic isn't a money-making strategy, Cramer said. The right move on Wednesday, he explained, would have been to buy stocks. Those who did were able to see a nice pop when the averages climbed the next day.

What's the bottom line?

"I don’t know how long this rally will last," Cramer said. "I do know that you saved a lot of money if you stayed in the game yesterday and you made a lot of money if you bought the panic."

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