Tiger Woods Talks About His New Swing App

Tiger Woods, with instructional app company Shotzoom and Apple , released a new app today called Tiger Woods: My Swing.

Tiger Woods App
Source: Shotzoom
Tiger Woods App

The app allows someone to record your swing using your iPhone and for Tiger to give you virtual feedback by comparing your swing to one of his swings.

We talked to Tiger about the idea and the execution.

Darren: The app is $9.99. We're trained to download free apps or 99 cent iTunes songs. Even though a dozen balls could cost $55, how do you get golfers past the price barrier?

Tiger: Well, all of the proceeds are going directly to my charity to impact kids, to get them through college and allow them to have a career. I wouldn't have done this deal for Shotzoom if it wasn't for the connection to my foundation.

Darren: How close is this to what you actually do?

Tiger: I work with technology like this on an every day basis.

Darren: How does this work?

Tiger: We go through every club in the bag where you can see a down the line view and caddy view and I try to explain to the user how I analyze my swing and it allows them to draw lines where they want to look at their swing.

Darren: How would you analyze your actual swing right now?

Tiger: I'm progressing. I was exposed in Dubai with the wind because I could only hit my shots one way. Then in Doral, I was totally comfortable and I felt good at Tavistock. So I feel like I'm back to controlling the ball trajectory.

Darren: What's the latest with your foundation?

Tiger: We've given out tens of millions of dollars and we're looking for different partners to expand globally, including Thailand, where my mother is from.

Darren: What is the key to the foundation?

Tiger: We take kids who have a difficult time in school, starting in the fifth grade, and we help them make something of themselves by helping them become the first in their family to go to college.

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