Hot Women Don't Want to Pay for Dinner

It's a down economy. Men would rather go dutch on a date. Guys, I have bad news. The more attractive your date is (yes!), the less likely she's going to help cover the dinner bill (d'oh!).

Robert Kohlhuber | Getty Images

A British study — naturally — reveals that hot women don't think they should have to pay on a date.

Less attractive women are more willing to chip in. Why?

Pretty girls put all that time and effort into looking good and figure they bring more to the table at dinner.

"The intriguing finding comes from a study of 416 men and women who were asked to rate themselves for attractiveness, ahead of going on a series of hypothetical dates." Ah, they rated themselves on their looks. So a woman whom you and I might consider so-so, but who thinks of herself as the next Heidi Klum, will have the confidence to say, "You are one lucky dude to be with me," and order another lemon drop. On your dime. Meantime, a drop-dead gorgeous gal who can't stand the sight of herself in the mirror will just be glad you're talking to her.

Men in the study agreed that they would be more willing to pay the total bill for a good-looking date, though men who considered themselves handsome were less inclined to do so. Perfect. Barbie and Ken deserve each other.

Who should really pay on a date? The article consulted etiquette experts who say the person who requested the date must cover the cost.

I have a different question. If an attractive woman expects a man to pay for dinner, what does the man expect in return? Ah, my friends, they didn't cover that in the survey, but I think we know the answer.

Which leads me to another shocking headline: Sex Can Kill You. Or at least give you a coronary. Tufts researchers foundthat sudden bursts of activity — like sex — make it 2.7 times more likely someone will have a heart attack. Exactly how did they monitor and measure that?? Still, frazzled housewives now have a better excuse for bowing out for the night than coming down with a headache.

However, take heart. Your chances of avoiding a heart attack during sex improve if you get regular exercise. Here's one unusual way to do that. I don't mean to cast the first stone, but... pole dancing for Jesus?

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