How to Get Inside the Playboy Mansion

Source: Playboy

Yes! You get to ogle goddesses AND help the downtrodden. This is truly "winning!"

Tickets are for sale at For the "special early discount" price of $750 a person, $1,250 a couple (one male, one female), you can buy the right to walk around the grounds of the Playboy Mansion, see an exotic car show, and have your pictures taken with playmates.

For more money, you can purchase the VIP package, which includes:

"Entrance to VIP Lounge with exclusive seating wrapped around runway for fashion show and entertainment"

"Sexy VIP Lounge hostesses"

"2 Go-Go dancers in VIP Lounge"

Wait. You're buying go-go dancers? I'm confused.

Finally, for $10,000 (or $7,500 if you buy now!) you get a cabana package for six people, which includes:

"Premium Spirit Bottle Service all night"

"Rotation of Playmates and models to your Cabana"

Just think of the good you're doing! Last year the charity event raised $35,000 (That's all? Talk about a recession...) This year they're hoping to pull in big bucks, and why not? It's a tad more interesting than the rubber chicken dinners so popular on Wall Street.

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