Free Botox? There's a Small Wrinkle

Plastic surgery rewards card
Plastic surgery rewards card

Imagine how the heart of every Real Housewife skipped a beat with news today that Avvo, a site which offers consumers free ratings on doctors and lawyers, announced a special Plastic Surgery Rewards Card.

Instead of racking up airline miles, you can rack up enough dollars to buy a new, ahem, rack.

50,000 points: free Botox

500,000 points: free liposuction

600,000 points: free breast augmentation

"You’ll also get 25,000 bonus points if you make your first purchase with any Avvo-rated doctor. That’s halfway to a free Botox procedure!"

Even better, points are transferable. Imagine the response when you present your spouse with free lipo! I'm sure that'll go down well...

Still, I have to admit I got a little excited about the possibility of free Botox (a treatment I have so far avoided because it involves needles and a paralyzing toxin). Then I discovered one little wrinkle.

It's April Fools.


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