If Moses Had Google

Tech companies have changed everything.

Imagine how easily instant communication—and occasional misinformation—might have transformed historic events like the American Revolution (searching for extra boots on Craigslist from the snows of Valley Forge), or Shakespearean theater (promoting Hamlet on Twitter—"melancholy Dane sees father's ghost, finds out Mom was in on Dad's murder. Love interest goes crazy, many die. To be or not to be is the q."), or how Web MD might have curtailed spread of the Black Death ("avoid flea-carrying rats").

FPG | Taxi | Getty Images

Then there's the Bible, the most popular Book ever.

Passover begins later this month.

The ancient story of God calling on Moses to confront Pharaoh to "let my people go" led to miracles, freedom, and the Ten Commandments (the real ones as well as the movie).

Those rising up against Egyptian rule these days don't need to turn the Nile to blood. They just need Twitter.

So what if Moses had been called into action in 2011? Here's a tongue-in-cheek look at how the internet and social media might have aided his cause. Perhaps Google Earth could have helped shaved some time off 40 years wandering in the desert...

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